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Umbrella. is an international fashion brand that represents style and quality since 1968. Founded in New York.

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More customers are embracing basics anddrifting back to classic styles from one of the most famous jean retailers in the world.

The world of fashion retail is ever changing, but we thrive on the challenge of constantly growing and adapting to succeed in this exciting industry. These progressive values are more than just ideals – we live them every day, in our dealings with our customers and our team.

Although many entrepreneurs who establish fashion companies are professional designers, this is not a pre-requisite. Regardless of professional background, there are a few things to know when starting a fashion company.

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Completed Projects. We strive to always enrich our customers lives through high quality fashion and services.

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Awards Won. We achieve this by creating an outstanding retail environment, offering unique brands and a superior customer journey.

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Today, our network encompasses over 160 stores, with operations in eight markets across the Center.

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Umbrella is a regional fashion retail leader, with a world-class portfolio of over 60 high-end fashion, footwear and accessories brands.

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Service: Every customer deserves a great shopping experience, every time. Our team’s commitment to delivering the highest levels of service is what makes us distinctive.

Integrity and Trust: We are honorable and ethical in everything we do. Our reputation is built on respect for others, exemplary behavior and the trust our stakeholders place in us.

Passion for Winning: We love what we do, and want to be the best at it. We strive for success by always aiming higher – not just meeting our objectives, but exceeding expectations as well.

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Our goal is to be the employer, partner and retail destination of choice in the Asia & Middle East. We will achieve this by building a creative and inclusive community with a culture of knowledge and innovation.

We will enrich our customers lives through high quality fashion and services. We strive to achieve this by creating an outstanding retail environment, offering unique brands and a superior customer journey


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